Too Sexy


NASHVILLE, Tennessee (AP) — Justin Timberlake won’t be bringing sexy back to the Tennessee Legislature.

State Sen. Ophelia Ford had introduced the resolution to honor Timberlake, a Tennessee native, “for his highly successful music career and for his meritorious service to the State of Tennessee.”

But Sen. Raymond Finney, R-Maryville, removed it from a list of resolutions that is expected to get unanimous support in the Senate.

“It’s not something I want my name on,” Finney said.

Republican senators took issue with calling attention to Timberlake’s latest album, “FutureSex/LoveSounds” and to song titles like “SexyBack” and “Rock Your Body.”

Timberlake was also involved in singer Janet Jackson’s infamous “wardrobe malfunction” during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show.

The four-time Grammy winner is from Millington, a town near Memphis.

A call to his publicist was not immediately returned Wednesday. He was scheduled to play a concert in Uniondale, New York.


Really, Raymond Finney!? You don’t want your name on it!?

I kinda want my name all over it

really, just me all over it

and by it, I mean Justin Timberlake.

just a suggestion…


One Comment to “Too Sexy”

  1. I understand Mr. Finney’s stance. But I have to support Mrs. Ophelia because, Lord knows we needed Sexy brought back. It was dying out of our culture. Thanks, Justin, Thank you! Gotta love a guy that claims to be your slave. “Get Your Sexy on,” Katie Moore.

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