American Psychic Vol.2

Blake Lewis is a cute little beat boxer, and I take back my former ill words toward plaid pants. He was workin’ them right tonight.

I can admit when I am wrong.

Now I will take the opportunity to use my abilities to predict the bottom three:

haley phil stephanie

I know, I know. Risky choices. I love Stephanie — I was torn between her, Chris Sligh and that Gina chick. But in the end, I think Stephanie is a little forgettable…

(UPDATE:  Adios Stephanie, we’ll miss you)

Sanjaya would be the easy choice (he was especially bad tonight), but I think he’ll make it through because of THIS — plus I kind of want him to… mainly because of this dummy:

and the way he made that little girl cry was pretty life-changing…


6 Responses to “American Psychic Vol.2”

  1. that poor little girl. she was way too funny..almost too good to be true.

  2. Who wants to bet that that girl’s “hunger strike” lasted about an hour?

    Sanjaya forever!!!!! Haha…

  3. i think my 13 year old little cousin and all of her friends are crushing on him like schoolgirls..well, they are schoolgirls..but you know what i’m saying.

  4. I think he’s more creepy looking than cute. I don’t get it?

  5. really are psychic.


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