Great Minds Think Alike

Perez Hilton is amazing. Everyone should read his blog
but it seems as though he read mine…

remember that time my heart died a little?

Well, Perez felt it too:
“We also headed over to the Esquire event at Stubb’s to check out Paolo Nutini, who was quite disappointing live. We also saw him later that night at the Blender magazine party. And he kinda sucked there too.

He has little to no stage presence, but hopefully that will change with time.

Paolo is barely out of his teens and still needs to develop as a live performer.

Note to Nutini: we know you love to sing about shoes, but stop singing TO them! Don’t hunch over. Engage the audience.

He does have a great voice, though.”

Oh, Perez. Let’s be friends.


2 Comments to “Great Minds Think Alike”

  1. Haha. I just saw that on his blog and immediately thought of you and your post!!

    Unfortunately, I did not see Perez Hilton roaming around town.

    Though I did check out Mister Paolo Nutini. I thought he was great….but yeah…a little hunched and distant. I couldn’t really understand most of what he said. LOVED the cover of “Rehab”. Amy Winehouse was great as well. The girl has some awe-inspiring hair.

  2. PEREZ FOR PREZ 2008

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