Blood Drives & High Fives

Somewhere there is a line, and I’m pretty sure they’re crossing it…

fall out boy

Fall Out Boy are giving the fans the chance to win their own blood.

Recalling Pete Doherty’s blood paintings, the band are set to use their own fluids in a series of promotional posters which they will give away to fans.

A winner will be chosen in each US city that the band hits on their tour.

Explaining the gory art, bassist Pete Wentz said: “We’re going to be running a series of contests. One is an ode to Kiss. My brother is going to make 45 prints based on images from our record.

Wentz said that the blood contest would serve to shed “some light on the much-needed support for blood drives”.

In 1977 Kiss donated some of their own blood to Marvel Comics, who then combined it with the red ink used to colour the first Kiss comic, reports MTV News.”

Blood Drives? I guess everybody has to stand for something.
Me, I’m 100% anti-high five.


One Comment to “Blood Drives & High Fives”

  1. Aren’t the purpose of blood drives to get that blood to someone who needs it?!? Since when is wasting your blood by using it in posters a good advocacy for donating blood to pple? I don’t see the common thread btwn their cause and their actions. I’m confused….

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