model / actor / idiot


When asked about his ex, Britney Spears, going to rehab, model/actor Isaac Cohen had this to say:


“I was definitely surprised that she went into rehab,” model Isaac Cohen told PEOPLE Friday at a party for Cubavera Sportswear at California’s Glendale Galleria Macy’s.

“I didn’t feel it had to come to that, but you know, if that’s what it takes and if that’s what she needs.”


You didn’t think it had come to that? Really? The girl was flashing her coochie all over town, shaved her own head, then beat a photographer with an umbrella.

I’d say the time for rehab had come and gone…

And what are you doing hanging out at the Macy’s at the Glendale Mall?


2 Responses to “model / actor / idiot”

  1. What are you trying to say, Katie? I mean, I’ve been thinking of shaving my head. And just because I go around hitting pple with umbrella’s doesn’t make me rehab-worthy (they deserved it for trying to kiss me). Of course, I went throught the chachi-showing faze and I’m sooo over it. It’s very last year, ya know. The new thing, down here in Miami atleast, is raising your top and yelling “Spriiiing Breeaaak!! Wohoo!!”


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