letdown of the century

Though it pains me to say it, Paolo wasn’t everything I dreamed he’d be.

Paolo Nutini

While his voice is extraordinary, and he came off as completely lovable and kind, his stage presence left SO much to be desired.

The highlights of the set were “A Million Faces,” “Jenny Don’t Be Hasty” and his cover of Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab” (which you can watch here).

Oh Paolo.

Paolo was cute and all, but the real story was his bass player – stud.
bass player
While Paolo spent 80% of the show hunched over in some sort of quasi-Indian tribal dance, his bass player took care of business, and brought it.

Thank God for that guy.

I think, in the end, Paolo was a bit doomed for me. I expected too much and there were too many drunk girls.

Buy his CD, it’s worth every penny.


2 Responses to “letdown of the century”

  1. I diagree with you completely! I know that Paolo Nutini does seem odd to watch when he is performing but if you really pay attention I think you will see that he does it to get into the song and the feelings he associates with the song and in the end I feel like he gives a better performance then most of the artists who perform. Is songs truly come from the heart. I myself have only seen him live once but it was one of the most intimate performances I have ever seen. I guess some people just can’t appreciate his perforance for what it is.


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