Somebody’s Got a Boyfriend…

Though it’s not official, some suspicious behavior has caused many to believe that these fine individuals are taking care of business in the love department, if you know what I mean…and I think you do

Reese + Jakey = LOVE

Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal have been spotted around NYC looking all lovey-dovey…

And just because I can, I say we rename them in honor of their celebrity coupledom. A few suggestions:

Classics, in the vein of Brangelina:





A few wildcards:

-Reese & Hottie McHotStuff

-Reese’s Piece

-Legally Gay

Thoughts? Suggestions?

**Be sure to vote, I will announce their new name when we have come to a solid conclusion. or, if you guys suck, I’ll just pick one. whichever…**


11 Responses to “Somebody’s Got a Boyfriend…”

  1. I like the way Reesenhaal rolls off the toungue. But Wythergyll(sp?) is just too good. It makes me think of a possible future character in Harry Potter. “Run, Harry. It’s Wythergyll. He’s right behind you, Harry!!!” (insert dramatic music and your own British accent b/c my Brit accent sounds more Australian). And I’m loving Reese’s Piece. You’re just too clever, Katie Beth.

  2. I will count that as a vote for WitherGyll.

    Mainly because of the great effort you went to with your Harry Potter re-enactment and Australian accent.

  3. jakerspoon is my vote, its also a good name for a dog

  4. I like Gyllenspoon!!!

  5. Wanda – Jakerspoon
    Jamie – Gyllensppon
    Andrea – Reesenhaal

  6. 2 more for Jakerspoon

  7. I’m pulling for Reese’s Piece.

  8. gotta go with withergyll on this one. i like it

  9. Even though I myself am not a Jake fan…I have to go with:

    Reese & Hottie McHotStuff

    I’m a sucker for any nickname with an unnecessary Mc in it.

  10. Jakerspoon. Of course this vote only stands if you say it using the voice you pull out when you’re talking to babies or puppy dogs.


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