Keep It In Your Pants

tom brady

It looks like the crazy fool will be the father to not only one, but two babies in the next, oh, i’d say 7 months or so.
Supermodel Gisele Bundchen may be pregnant with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady‘s child, according to reports.

“We don’t comment on our clients’ personal lives, whether it’s true, not true or whatever,” Bundchen’s manager at IMG Models in New York told

But a source told the New York Daily News: “She has told friends it’s true.”

Brazilian media reports say Bundchen is two months pregnant, and has already told some friends and family.

If it’s true, Brady will be a daddy two times over. His ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan is currently carrying his child.

Brady, 29, dated Moynahan, 36, for several years before the couple split late last year. The former Michigan quarterback began dating Bundchen, 26, shortly thereafter.

Maybe someone should think about contraceptives? And by someone, I mean Tom Brady.
And by Tom Brady, I mean that dummy who’s running around the world impregnating ladies.

Brady’s Ladies

well, they are pretty foxy ladies…


One Comment to “Keep It In Your Pants”

  1. i love the pic of tom brady with SCORE above his head, partially because i can just hear you saying “SCORE” in your katie way and can picture myself falling over laughing.

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