i could be bad at math, but

according to my calculations…


Zach Braff will make $8.4 million if the next season of scrubs is picked up by NBC.

Does anyone watch that show?

Aren’t there starving children who would rather have eight million dollars worth of food than see another season of scrubs?

Does Zach Braff need a girlfriend?


3 Comments to “i could be bad at math, but”

  1. i work for starving children. maybe i should date him. i mean, it’s just a thought.

  2. screw you, that show rocks and yah im for saveing the hungry ones but i think your making it like hes a bad guy. baseball players make loads of cash fo what sitting on ther ass and playing a stupid game. and just look at paris hilton, theres someone to complane abot when it comes to wasting cash

  3. whoa, calm down. it was a joke. haha?

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