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March 30, 2007

workin’ it james bond style


Maroon 5 just released their new video (courtesy of ms. kibbe) for “Makes Me Wonder”

It’s like James Bond went to a disco and started bumping & grinding on a guitar he wasn’t playing.


Makes me wonder how I can get in his pants…

March 29, 2007

I’m Henry the Eighth I am

You people better believe I’m tuning in for some of this…


Showtime has produced $38 million dollars worth of hot with their new mini-series The Tudors.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers stars as Henry VIII, and he is a stud. Apparently he will be taking care of a lot of business, if you know what I mean.

And if you don’t, click HERE & try to figure it out.

March 29, 2007

Support Gay Space Travel


Bam Margera is 100% out of his mind, and I kinda love it. Apparently, he’s a big supporter of gay space travel, and has the mural in his house to prove it…

“There’s a big portrait of Lance in an astronaut uniform, smiling broadly and holding his helmet proudly,” says a friend. “In the background is a NASA shuttle ascending to space on a giant rainbow.”

Margera confirmed it was Bass: “Hell yeah! The guy from ‘N Sync who wanted to go to outer space, but never made it and was all gay and shit!”

Oh, Lance.

Cosmonaut Lance

March 28, 2007

American Psychic Vol. 3

It was hard for me to decide which of these two might go home tonight.

sligh haley

I find Chris Sligh‘s hair & face incredibly creepy. strike one. He picks up the microphone stand when he sings. strike two. His ‘fan club’ is called the FroPatro (yes, that’s patrol with no L). strike three.

Haley Scarnato is boring. strike one. She tends to look like an extra from a Whitesnake video. strike two. I’m actually surprised I remembered her name. strike three.

so it’s a close race, my friends. But I predict a goodbye to Haley. I think the FroPatro will come through for creepy Sligh.

But Haley has been showing a lot of leg lately…

(UPDATE: apparently the leg was too much for the FroPatro to overcome. Adieu Chris.)

March 27, 2007

Middle American Do-Gooders

I’m not gonna lie, Hanson, I’m feeling it.

I’ve never been very fond of the Hanson clan, but I am digging the littlest Hanson singing lead. work it.

I will now make a bold statement: I plan on buying this album. Not only am I actually digging it, but these middle American do-gooders are donating proceeds from the sale of their new record to a Hospital in South Africa…gotta love that.

Plus, I am loving that dirty stache piano man is sportin’

March 27, 2007

love is in the air

FYI, from our dear friend Perez Hilton:  “They are 100% dating,” says a close insider. “Reese and Jake are being smart about things and keeping their relationship very discrete and out of the public eye.”

Long Live Jakerspoon! 

March 27, 2007



Gwen Stefani, one of my 3 personal role-models, is taking over American Idol this week – and I, for one, am pumped.

Tonight (8/7c) she’ll be coaching the contestants through 90s Hits, which will surely result in some terrible karaoke-like covers (“Mr. Jones” anybody??), and a sweet beat-boxing epic performance from my man Blake Lewis.

Then, on Wednesday (9/8c), Ms. Stefani will be performing. Oh lord, I hope Akon will be there. Holler.

UPDATE: American Idol lied to me. not in fact, 90s Hits, but No Doubt & Gwen’s inspirations.

March 26, 2007

the spandex, the falsetto, the beauty

It was a magical time in all our lives…but now it’s over. officially.
the darkness
According to their website, The Darkness is really over.

I mean, we all probably saw that one coming when the lead singer quit in October.
but it still stings.

Let’s take a minute to remember all that was glorious about the spandex, the falsetto, the beauty that was The Darkness

The band announced that the remaining members will continue under a new name soon to be revealed.

my suggestion? you may ask…


catchy, right? somebody print up some t-shirts, we’re taking this show on the road!

March 26, 2007

hey you, i don’t like your girlfriend

I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to him

So says Avril Lavigne of her new husband Deryck Whibley in the April issue of Jane Magazine.

Now, I am no expert on love, my friends, but shouldn’t he be saying that? Somebody thinks quite a bit of herself…


well, now that I think about it, she probably is the best thing that ever happened to that guy.

March 24, 2007

What’s inside her never dies

It took me a while to jump on the Amy Winehouse train.
Back to Black

Usually when someone is so hyped up, I tend to lose interest. But girlfriend lives up to it.

Her very obvious drug & eating problems put me off at first, but after listening to this record, i don’t even care. She is out of control.

If you can’t bring yourself to pay $7.99 on iTunes for the whole album, shell out a buck and get
He Can Only Hold Her


check out those background singers. work it.

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