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February 28, 2007

hip & unimportant

I hate the word blog – I always have.

So this isn’t a blog — it’s a way to keep you, my friend, up to date on everything that is hip and unimportant.

Celebrities? yes. Amazing new music? absolutely.
Deep, thoughtful memoirs? No.

I’ll do my best to get the gossip, find some brilliant music, and keep you entertained…


February 28, 2007

Team Blake Lewis

yes, please.
every year i try not to be sucked in. but american idol has done it again. eff.

killed it.


more american idol love…
my favorite from last year, mr. elliott yamin, has a pretty decent new single out called ‘Movin’ On’ —

one especially eloquent iTunes listener had this to say:

“This song is like being in the middle of a pleasant rain shower during the summer. Only this is a musical shower of notes”

yes, yes it is.

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